Partners Profile

Magna Naturstein was started in 1993 involves in Granite processing and marketing of various value added products like slabs, tiles, stairs, kitchen tops etc. The company is having 8 gang-saws and tile production units as well as many other machines. Since 1993 magna is buying its blocks directly from India through us.

Company is having conventional and muti-wire gang saws , tile production units as well as many machines for customised products. Its the fastest growing stone producer in Europe with a product capacity of 200,000 sqm in Granite slabs and tiles, 40,000 sqm in LaserGrip® tiles and 40,000 sqm in Glaskeramik.

MAGNA Glaskeramik, the flagship company of Magna group,  possesses full patented rights for the sustainable production of this unique, environmental and exclusive material under the trademark of Glaskeramik.

A building and interior design material made of 100% recycled glass, industrial and glass bottles, being the final piece itself fully recyclable. MAGNA Glaskeramik has developed a crystallization course, where parts of the production is hand-made; acquiring a unique translucent optic. This allows a crystal-like brilliance effect when shone against light due to which each slab appears different, but always maintaining a full recycled glass composition. MGK’s annual production of Glaskeramik  is about 40,000 sqmts in 2018.

Magna Westfalia GmbH is a marketing subsidiary of the parent company Manga Naturstein GmbH. It is having a stockyards for slabs and tiles in Vlotho (North Germany).